My name is Viljar Sommerbakk and I’m a video game designer. I’ve worked in the video games industry since March 2000, on PC, consoles and mobile.

I am experienced as a lead designer and team lead, having provided direction, mentorship and management to teams of designers as well as cross-discipline teams, communicating design goals, challenges and solutions.

I am proficient in most aspects of game design: core systems, player feedback, controls, player movement, NPC- and boss design, as well as player progression and direction of the player experience.

I've been part of developing action gameplay on several projects. I have also done game balancing and tuning, tryinig to maximize the fun in existing features.

I have a strong background in hands-on level design and world building: blocking out levels, visual scripting, events, item placement and enemy encounters.

I have written concepts and designs on many projects, providing detailed game-, level- and technical specifications.